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Effective Java: Programming Language Guide
Joshua Bloch - Effective Java: Programming Language Guide
Published: 2001-06-15 | ISBN: 0201310058 | PDF | 272 pages | 3 MB

Effective Java: Programming Language Guide

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Effective Java Programming Language Guide distills the hard-won wisdom of today's best Java programmers into 50 techniques for designing and constructing more robust, high-performance software. Josh Bloch, one of Sun's most widely respected Java developers, focuses on the practical problems virtually every Java developer encounters, offering specific solutions and top-notch code examples. Josh Bloch identifies 50 practices that lead directly to better code -- including better alternatives for common practices that have proven undesirable in real-world development. The techniques are specific, thoroughly explained, and supported by top-notch code examples. Among the highlights: why developers should avoid finalizers; when to use delegation instead of inheritance; and how to make the most of Java's powerful typesafe enum pattern. Nearly all 50 practices relate to the "core" of the Java platform -- the language itself -- making the book relevant to every Java developer.

Effective Java: Programming Language Guide

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